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Important tips

Got the error message: "Cannot edit Range"?

It is most probably that you have installed the Mendeley plug-in in Word also.

Two options to fix the problem:

  1. To remove it temporarily [Mendeley plug-in will appear in Word again when you open Word next time.]
  2. To uninstall/permanently remove it.



  1. To remove Mendeley plug-in temporarily

For Windows user

  1. Go to Word.
  2. Click on File tabs on Ribbon, and then select Options.
  3. Click on Add-ins on left navigation panel.
  4. Select Word Add-ins in Manage, click on Go... and then OK.
  5. Uncheck the “Mendeley … ” box and click OK.


For Mac user

  1. Go to Word.
  2. Select Tools on the top menu bar and click on Templates and Add-Ins….
  3. Uncheck the “Mendeley … ” box and click OK.


  1. To uninstall/permanently remove Mendeley plug-in

To remove the Mendeley plug-in from Word:

  1. Quit all Microsoft Office Applications (e.g. Words, Outlook, etc.).
  2. Open Mendeley Desktop.
  3. Click on Tools and select Uninstall MS Word Plugin.


Note: Read EndNote: Cannot Edit Range or A COM exception has occurred for more information.