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Suggested resources and tips for finding statistics for Hong Kong and for overseas.

Evaluate what you find

If you find statistics freely available on the web, be sure to evaluate them. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • who provided the statistics (the "source"), reliable?
  • how were the numbers collected (sometimes given in a footnote)
  • what is the date range (often different from the date the statistics were published) 
  • who collected the data (how reliable is the agency or group who collected and analyzed the numbers).
  • Purpose. Why was the data collected? Was it collected as part of the organization's mission? For advocacy? For businesses purposes, to sell?

Look at the domain address for clues e.g .edu .com .org .gov

Quick tip! If you find relevant statistics, look for the source and go there if possible.

Refer to the Research Guide page, Evaluate your resources for more information.