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Suggested resources and tips for finding statistics for Hong Kong and for overseas.

Use a specialized search engine

Search by domain address

For more effective results, search by domain address:

.gov   .edu    .org  (To search the HK government websites). For example, crime statistics will search all HK government websites, looking for crime statistics  (To search HK educational institutions). For example, criminology will search all Hong Kong educational websites, looking for criminology.  (To search the IMF websites). For example trade statistics will search all IMF websites, looking for trade statistics.

Search by file type

Spreadsheets (Excel files) usually contain numerical data and PowerPoint presentations may contain graphs or charts. To locate these files, search by file type (PowerPoint or Excel files)

Filetype:ppt (PowerPoint file)

Filetype:xls (Excel file)



Search statistics portals

How to find graphs & charts


Use the term "infographic" as one of your search terms when searching the web. It will look for charts and graphs.

For example: crime statistics Hong Kong infographic