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Suggested resources and tips for finding statistics for Hong Kong and for overseas.

Other statistics - International


  • Edstats. From the World Bank. Provides data for key topics in education.
  • Gapfinder. Displays time series of development statistics for all countries.
  • Higher Education. From the United Nations Institute of Statistics (UNIS). Provides data to track trends in the global, national and regional higher education sector.
  • OECD Education Statistics.
  • UNESCO. Covers statistics on education, science, technology, and more.

Environment and Energy

  • Energy. Includes energy consumption, reserves and production by country.
  • OECD iLibrary. Select from list of energy related databases.
  • UNData. From the United Nations. Select the Environment Statistics database
  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Search by individual country



  • Demographic statistics. From the United Nations Statistics Division.
  • Gapfinder. Displays time series of development statistics for all countries.
  • Population statistics. Includes population milestones, population density, and more
  • UNData. From the United Nations. Select the Population database

Social indicators.

Current and historical statistics - Library collection

The Library's collection contains both current and historical statistics. These are available both on the web and in print.The most recent statistics are generally available on the Web. 

To find statistics, search the CityU LibraryFind by subject.

Examples of of a search by subject include the following:

  • Asia - Social conditions - Statistics
  • Education - Statistics
  • Population - Statistics
  • Social indicators
  • World health - Statistics

Also search by country e.g.

  • Education - China - Statistics.
  • Population - United States - Statistics