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Suggested resources and tips for finding statistics for Hong Kong and for overseas.

Statistics for Hong Kong - Library's collection

CityU LibraryFind

You can locate historical and some current statistics for Hong Kong in the Library's print and online collections by searching the CityU LibraryFind. The most recent statistics are generally available on the Web.

Library databases

General Statistics - freely available web resources

The statistics provided below are sourced from the Government of Hong Kong unless otherwise indicated.




DATA.GOV.HK provides a range of Public Sector Information (PSI) in digital format for free re-use in order to encourage development of applications. Also includes a showcase of web and mobile applications and solutions developed by the Government and the community with DATA.GOV.HK datasets.

Census - Hong Kong



Resources available on the Web.

The Library's collection.

Use the subject headings below to search CityU LibraryFind to locate print and electronic information:

  • Hong Kong (China) -- Census, 2011. 
  • Hong Kong (China) -- Census, 2006. 
  • Hong Kong (China) -- Census, 2001. 
  • Hong Kong (China) -- Census, 1996. 
  • Hong Kong (China) -- Census, 1991.
  • Hong Kong (China) -- Census, 1986.
  • Hong Kong (China) -- Census, 1981.
  • Hong Kong (China) -- Census, 1976.