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Find Full text, import PDFs & more

The Find Full Text option in EndNote searches the web to see if the PDF full text of a reference in your library is freely available. If it is, EndNote will attach it to the matching reference.

You can also find the PDF full text of some (not all) CityU Library subscribed publications, e.g. articles. See below.

Note: Only eligible CityU staff and students can access the full text of CityU subscribed publications.


Find Full Text

1. Click on the relevant reference in your library.

2. Click on the Find Full Text icon on the tool bar to start the search for full text.

3. To monitor the progress of the search, refer to the Find Full Text option on left of screen.

  • If full text is not found, search CityU LibraryFind and if it is available, import the PDF full text to your library (see Import PDFs tab above).
  • If a URL is found, click on the relevant reference to display the record details (right panel) and select the URL for more details.

4. EndNote finds the full text, a paper clip icon will appear next to the reference to indicate the full text has been attached. Click on the PDF icon in the reference panel to display the full text.


Find the PDF full text of articles available in CityU Library's subscribed publications

If you edit the preferences in EndNote, you can also find the PDF full text of some CityU Library subscribed publications, e.g. articles. (Only eligible CityU staff and students can access the full text).

Note: When using this feature, please refrain from any systematic or excessive downloading from Library databases. Users are fully responsible for any legal consequences arising from excessive downloading or infringement of prevailing copyright laws.

1. Open EndNote.

2. Select Edit > Preferences.

3. Select Find Full Text from the list of preferences.

4. Tick the OpenURL box and enter the following:

5. In the Authenticate with box, enter

6. Click Apply and then OK.

















Import a PDF document into your EndNote library

If you have the PDF full text for a reference in your library, you can import it. EndNote will attach it to the matching reference. 


Add a PDF document to a matching reference in your library

  1. Click on the relevant reference in your library.
  2. Go to References > File Attachments > Attach file. Select the file and attach it.


Add PDF document/s or folders to create new references

You can upload a PDF document or a folder of PDF documents into EndNote even if there is no matching reference in your library. EndNote extracts the bibliographic information from the PDF document to create a new reference in your library. 

Note: A scanned PDF document or a PDF document without a DOI cannot be added successfully tEndNote using the instructions below.  

  1. Select File > Import. Click on File or click on Folder if you have more than one reference.
  2. Click on the Choose button and locate the PDF file or folder you want to add to your library.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Select the PDF import option.
  5. Click Import.

Tip: If a PDF document you have imported is missing information from fields, e.g. author, volume, etc, select the Find Reference Update feature to update information in the reference.

EndNote has some options to help you manage PDFs. You can:

  •  Automatically rename PDFs to make them easy to identify.
  •  Enable the automatic importing of PDF files you have saved in a designated folder on your computer.
  •  Add highlights, notes and more to text in PDF documents.


Rename a PDF document and enable automatic importing

  1. Create a new folder on your PC to store the downloaded PDFs.
  2. In EndNote Desktop, select Edit > Preferences > PDF Handling.
  3. Select from one of the renaming options, e.g. Author + Year + Title.
  4. Check the box Enable automatic importing.
  5. Select the folder where you have stored PDF documents.
  6. Click Apply, then OK.


Note: A scanned PDF document or a PDF document without a DOI cannot be added successfully to EndNote using the instructions above.

Find out more by watching the video: PDF Auto-Import Folder (3 mins)


Add notes, highlights, underline and strike out text in PDF documents

1. Select the reference in your library that has PDF full text.

2. The PDF document will appear in the right panel. Click on the Open PDF icon to open up the PDF document in the centre panel.


3. Use the options on the tool bar to add notes, highlight, underline or strike out text.


Tip: To delete highlight, etc., click on the highlight and right click to select Delete Annotation.


4. To save the changes, click on the diskette icon on the tool bar.

The Find Reference Updates feature lets you add additional information, missing fields, and more to a reference. It is especially useful for an e-publication which may not have all the information that is available in the printed version, or for a PDF document that has not imported correctly.

  1. Click on a relevant reference(s) in your library.
  2. Select References > Find Reference Updates.
  3. The updated reference is available on the left with the updated information highlighted in blue.You can choose to Update Empty Fields or Update All Fields of My Reference.


Note: If you select Update All Fields any information you have added into your reference e.g. Notes will be overwritten.